Thursday, March 20, 2008

First to Worst

Proving that it is possible to go from first to worst, my Klondike team at work (The Mudpuppies) failed miserably in defense of the title we earned last February. If you don't know what a Klondike team is, that's probably a good thing. Needless to say, it involves four people, no dogs, and one of these things:

There wasn't a lot of snow left on the ground today, but there was just enough to go for a nice romp through the sludge. We'll do better next year.

Hey, I have a blog!

I won't make any excuses for this. I'm just going to say that life's been a little busy over the last month or so. While I try to piece together my report on Groundhog Day (What? It's Spring already?) among other things I have planned, I'll attempt to distract you with cute baby pictures.

This is my nephew Soren.

If you're a fan of baby pictures or just want to see more of him, check out my brother's Picasa page. I'll be back soon.